Main Cities of La Pampa
25 de Mayo

The «Colorado» river («Coli Leuvú») in his running at the foot of the cordillera when it pass through the «Payunia», the river forms spectacular landscapes. When it comes out of the mountain, drawing the south limit of La Pampa, the wonder of water creates beautiful places of nature and life in original state. Along its course, engineering constructions had been built to drift water for sprinkling and agricultural crops which has changed the image of the regional landscape. When the river gets into the valley in 25 de Mayo, there is an amazing change from the gray desert to the green poplar cove and other plantations. The richness lays in the production of fruits and vegetables, which can be directly purchased and at the best natural way at farms.
Bentonite and gypsum are the main examples of mineral resources. Natural gas and hydrocarbons are also important resources to be underlined.

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The Colorado River’s bank, a river of progress and continuous development
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